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Subject: Time doesn't matter!
Hi girls. I'm just confused. Here you are talking with a guy, you like him, you want more, but there is one "but" that you cannot overcome. You are afraid of losing him. At that moment, when you are ripe in order to take a certain step in a relationship, he suddenly decides not to start a family, children. What to do in this case? You love him so much and he loves you. How can you be?
Matthew, USA, 18 years old
Girls, I'll tell you that I really liked the first guy with whom I talked, it was Andrew. We immediately liked each other, so my boyfriend was afraid that I would stop communicating with him. But then, when he found out that I have a boyfriend, he insisted that we communicate with him, but very carefully, without any hint that he would like more.
True, when we started a relationship, I told him that I wanted more, said that I was pregnant. I can't believe Andrew took the news so calmly considering how his parents feel about him. Now I understand that my boyfriend is not at all what I thought he was. I'm scared that we'll break up. What do i do?"
Ashley, 21
What to do. Even if a guy has a girlfriend, he should not be shy to communicate with you. The most important thing is not to be shy. Even when you are dating a girl, it does not mean that you are a couple. When a guy goes into another relationship, the girl is usually left alone. For many couples, everything ends in a quarrel and parting. Therefore, it is important not to be shy about talking with a guy about your feelings.
It's funny, but I did not find and did not find any discussion of the topic of "freezing". So apparently there is something wrong with the internet that makes some people so afraid of the words "I love you" th f02ee7bd2b